Natural results breast implants

Natural looking breasts using anatomic shape silicone implants of 350cc

Ενθεματα 350 μλ ανατομικου σχηματος για το πιο φυσικο αποτελεσμα

The inframmary fold approach to breast augmentation by Dr Kitsios

This type of breast augmentation involves an incision in the fold underneath the breast and allows Dr Kitsios more direct control of implant positioning. About 70 percent of breast augmentations are performed using the inframammary fold access. This incision allows for minimal effects on the milk-producing areas of the breast. This incision also avoids complications related to the nipple. Inframammary fold breast augmentation works well for younger patients to avoid the glande that produces milk. The scar is not visible with this procedure because it is hidden in the fold.